“As a business owner, I tend to dread change. When you’re used to doing something a certain way, it’s often difficult to consider something different because you’re constantly thinking about what could go wrong. Thankfully, Magothy Payments has been a breeze switching to. Not only have they been able to save us money every month, but they provide unparalleled customer support and a processing platform that can scale with our growing business. ”

Chris Haas  |  Haas & Son's Electric

“When I was originally referred to Magothy Payments a few years ago, I was curious as to how a small, local business could compete on price with our big bank. I was blown away when they saved us more than $4000 in a single month! Even more impressive is their customer service. They're attentive, responsive, and were able seamlessly integrate with our unique bus-charter software. Magothy Payments has been a huge asset to our business and I couldn't recommend them enough. ”

Ron Dillon  |  Atlantic Coast Charters

“I've been with Magothy Payments since their inception in 2014. I've always been impressed with their integrity, their professionalism, and their industry expertise. You won't find another company that will go to such great lengths to serve their clients. That's why I've referred them to a dozen or so businesses over the years. I wouldn't put my name and reputation on the line referring another business unless I was 110% confident that they'd make me look good, and Magothy Payments has never let me down. ”

Chris Bauer  |  CarWorx & Trucks

“We were referred to Magothy Payments by our web development company, and I'm so glad that we were. We've been able to consolidate multiple merchant accounts from multiple providers into a single account with a single point of contact that allows us to take payments across multiple platforms - online, in person, and over the phone. The savings has been fantastic and the ease of use and streamlining of our operation has been wonderful. I'm so glad we've been able to work with a local business that can meet our needs like this. ”

Kevin Kehus  |  Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company

“As an e-commerce company, it seemed easy to go with Square, Stripe, or PayPal - one of the usual big players in this space. We decided to go with Magothy Payments because we wanted to deal with actual human beings, and we're so glad we made that choice. Our site and pricing are rather complex because they integrate UPS for shipping, so having a person that we can reach on the phone is very, very convenient and reassuring. With any robust e-commerce business, there are challenges between development, integration and payment processing, but Magothy has been there every step of the way and has earned our trust and respect for being so attentive. ”

Geoff Knapp  |  Ship Guitars

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What Magothy Payments means to the people we serve...

Magothy Payments came as a recommendation from our accountant who realized how much we were paying with our old company. Jaron made the process very easy by reviewing our old statements to see if there was any room for saving. After our consultation, he offered to use Magothy payments for one month and if we didn't see any savings we had the option to walk away without losing anything. Jaron has been upfront from the beginning and has been there promptly to address any concerns we have with our system. I highly recommended Magothy Payments!

Dr. Hetal Rana, Eye Associates

Worldwide Waterproofing changed payment processing companies in 2016 after 14 years of being with the same provider. We had a great initial meeting with Jaron and felt comfortable with his knowledge and expertise. Working with a local company that is easily accessible made sense for us. We hadn't really tracked our credit card costs over the last several years, so we were BLOWN AWAY when we saved more than $2000 in our first month alone. This was the by far the best decision we could have made. We get our deposits next day, the platform is easy to use, and we finally have a relationship with the company funding our transactions. I couldn't recommend Magothy Payments enough.

Summer Hoder, Worldwide Waterproofing

Magothy Payments has been GREAT for our business. We get calls from merchant services vendors every day. But when you need service from THEM, they are nowhere to be found. This never happens with Jaron and his team. Their personalized service is outstanding, and our costs are down too! I highly recommend you consider Magothy Payments for your business.

Bruce Spencer, Walt Eger's Service Center

The team at Magothy Payments is nothing short of SPECTACULAR and I can't recommend them enough! If you are tired of wondering if you are paying too much for your credit card processing and harassing daily calls about saving you money, I can assure you that Magothy Payments is your BEST option. Local, Personal and Professional, their integrity shines through at every service opportunity. The statements are transparent, the rates are the lowest, and they are focused on a long-term relationship that will save you money. Everyone that I have referred comes back to me very satisfied and glad that they made the change.

Andy Byrd, Victory Awards & Promotions


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